Home environment and security aside, the perks of having an interconnected home lies with the convenience it affords. Gone are the days of manually monitoring your home and gone are the days of backbreaking house chores. 

Here are some of the ways wearable devices will influence your smart home.

Monitoring Your Smart Home

Home surveillance is definitely a necessity when it comes to smart homes. And smart home surveillance systems are also gaining traction due to smart wearable device integration. To that end, home monitoring systems are a must in any smart home integration today.

Generally, smart home monitoring systems come in a touch panel display which provides a futuristic look — in addition to being an excellent organiser, of course. But if you were to put the interface into watch form, you would then get a wearable device able to interface with your smart home.

This would offer a way to control your home remotely, as well as being notified of emergencies when they happen at home.

As far as convenience goes, smartwatches do come with voice activation features which allow you to coordinate your home monitoring and adjustment with voice control, all from your wrist.

Home Entertainment For Your Smart Home

As for home entertainment, smart TVs are already plenty advanced. Most popular models have their own version of integrated apps which will allow you to control your TV volume, channels, and recordings with your smart devices.

Though, using your wearable devices to control your smart TVs do offer the convenience not present in say, your smartphones. For example, you could turn down the volume of your TV with voice command with an app on your wearable devices.

Say Goodbye To House Chores

Lastly, one of the tasks at home most homeowners dread to face — house chores. Using wearables, your house chore duties will be more bearable.

With large-scale integration of connected appliances, one can assume that most “smart” branded electronics will fall under this category. Case in point, a smart washing machine should be able to notify you of when your laundry is done. Also, a reminder that your laundry is still in the machine is helpful in case you’ve forgotten about them.

Otherwise, robot vacuums are a Godsend for those who are lazy and hate cleaning up. This type of cleaning aid has been in the market for ages, and now, adding an app-control feature to them would likely make the adorable robots all the more alluring for buyers and homeowners.

If you’re still  not convinced, the classic and most well-known iRobot Roomba has become app-controllable for some time. This means that you are able to control your Roomba remotely from anywhere in your connected home.