We’ve all been there. The game screen booted up in front of you with your mouse cursor hovering over the SPIN button, a bead of sweat slowly but surely forming on your forehead as you contemplate your next course of action. The next thing you know, you’ve clicked on the proverbial Big Red Button — then you realize that you’ve forgotten to lock in a particular setting and now you’ve lost the remnants of your funds to poor planning and a lack of strategy.


Sounds like you? We’ve certainly all been there when it comes to testing out a new game that we aren’t familiar with. Whether it be accidentally placing your entire wager on the line or picking the wrong game mode, it can be catastrophic to go into a game without having a basic understanding of the game system you’re playing. And this is further exacerbated by the fact that your actual, hard-earned cash is on the line. No take-backs here.


Thankfully, Mega888 offers an excellent solution to this problem — a test ID that you can use to play any one of the games available here without having to commit actual cash. Say goodbye to your worries, with the Mega888 Test ID, you won’t have to deposit any money before you start playing!

How To Get The Free Mega888 Test ID

mega888 free test id

To begin, you’ll need to download the Mega888 client and log in using the following credentials:


Username: test1 – test10000
Password: Aa1234


Do take note that each of the above usernames can only be used by one player at each time, so if you fail to log in do try to use a different account. For instance, if you used test1 as the username and fail to login, try using test2 instead and so on and so forth until you manage to log in to Mega888.


Thereafter, the demo account will be credited with free 2,000 credits that you may use to play in any of the slot games that are available on Mega888. This credit will be refreshed after each day.


Do also take note that any winnings with the Mega888 Test ID will not count and you will not be able to withdraw any of your rewards after your session ends. The free ID feature is solely for you to get familiar with the Mega888 system as well as some of the games that are available to play.


Please contact any of our friendly customer support staff for more information or if you encounter any issues trying to use any of the free Test IDs.

Why Use The Mega888 Free Test ID?

While we believe we’ve sufficiently encapsulated the reasons that you’d want to utilise the free Mega888 Test ID, you might still need a bit more of a nudge. And that’s totally okay.


Mega888 has remained one of the most well-known online casinos in the world today since its inception just a few short years ago. The goal of the free Test ID is to offer an opportunity to players, new and old, to enjoy the facilities that have shot Mega888 up the rankings throughout the years — all without having to spend any real money.


With the Mega888 Test ID, you can take your time to test out any of the slot games that Mega888 has to offer. From there, you can then determine which title better suits your playstyle and taste, while also finding out the best games to play to maximise your winnings.


We implore you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to get familiar with Mega888, as well as come up with creative and interesting tactics to play while using the Mega888 Test ID.

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