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Myths About Online Gaming

by Thos

Online games, and gaming, for the most part, have always been associated with geek culture. And with that association, comes a myriad of different misconceptions.

This is particularly true when it comes to our elders, who have a predisposition to dislike gaming. But it’s not entirely their fault as there are plenty of myths exacerbated by the vast dissemination of false information on the Internet.

Untrue Facts About Gaming Culture

The world is changing as can be seen by dozens of e-sports tournaments held on a grand scale around the world. But for the previous generation, a world where you can play games and be successful is unfathomable. Like everything else in life, there are people who take a few anecdotal evidence (whether right or wrong) and treat it as gospel.

That said, here are some untrue facts about online games.

  • Gaming Is Only For People Who Have No Friends: This is a common stereotype when it comes to the gaming community, which is untrue, to say the least. On the contrary, online gaming does facilitate smoother communication skills as you’ll be able to talk to people from all over the world.
  • Gaming Is A Waste Of Time: At the root of it all, playing games is a way to pass the time. You can still have the time for a social life, so the time you do spend on gaming should not be considered a waste.
  • You Can’t Be Successful Playing Games: Similarly, the gaming industry today is a huge deal. And you can easily make a career out of any of the myriad of job options available to you in the industry. Some examples include game developers, game testers, professional players, streamers, and so on.
  • Online Games Are Super Addictive: Not saying they aren’t addictive, but the key here is playing with moderation. After all, anything in excess is bad.