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Download Mega888 APK & Win Big Today

Thinking about starting an ever-lucrative career as a professional gambler? Think you have what it takes to excel in slots? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a meaningful albeit profitable way of passing the time?

Look no further than the always-popular Mega888 — an app and platform for you to spend innumerable time in trying to master the art of the slot game. 

About Mega888 — Live Casino & Slot Game Provider In Malaysia

Online casinos are definitely a big deal nowadays, particularly in Southeast Asian countries. And a majority of gamers have started the migration to the virtual realm mainly due to the ease of access that online casinos provide. This is in line with the fact that online casinos are a mirror of their physical counterparts — with the caveat of allowing you to easily gain access to your account and play any game, anywhere, and at any time.

In short, online casinos are easy, convenient, and well-received by a majority of the Malaysian gaming community.

And at the top of this (online casino) mountain sits Mega888 — a platform that boasts a massive gaming catalogue of diverse titles, along with a decently sized span of winning options. Best of all, this online casino app is readily available to download for all Android and iOS devices, as well as on desktop. As an app, you can also be sure that Mega888 may be easily downloaded and set up — don’t worry, we’ll get to the how-tos of downloading Mega888 & steps by steps in a few moments.

Why Play on Mega888?

The answer is rather straightforward.

For Malaysians, having fun is most vital when it comes to playing games online. That, in addition to earning massive winnings, of course. And Mega888 provides exactly all of that and more.

Through Mega888, you’ll get the opportunity to play a multitude of great games like Great Blue, Dolphin Reef, Ocean King, and a lot more! More particularly, you’ll gain access to more than 30 of Mega888’s exclusive slot games, as well as more than 10 live table casino games including baccarat, poker, blackjack, and more. 

But if you’re looking for a casual fun time without actually committing cold, hard cash, Mega888 also offers a demo account for you to test your skills before investing actual money. Plus, look out for some promotional offers that are organized from time to time so that you may win some extra cash.

Note: You may obtain a demo account by contacting the Mega888 team.

How To Download Mega888 APK On Android And iOS

Step 1 : Click on the download button here and you will be redirected to the official Mega888 download page [Android and iOS]

Step 2 : Press the download button as shown on the screen shot below [Android and iOS]

**Take note that if you already register a Mega888 account you should be able to see your Username and Password as shown on the image below [Copy them down for later use], we have censored the Username Password for privacy purposes.

Step 3 :  Your Android phone will pop out the notification as shown below, proceed to press “ok“. 

(If your phone does not pop out this, kindly ignore this step and proceed to the next step.)  

mega888 android download 1

Step 4 : Press the Install button as shown on the image below and your phone will start to download Mega888APK.  

mega888 android download 2

How To Download Mega888 APK On PC

Similarly, installing the Mega888 client on your desktop is also a piece of cake! Here’s how to do it. 

  • Install an emulator on your PC (we highly recommend NOXPlayer here)

Boot up your emulator (NOXPlayer), pop open a browser, and head here or to the aforementioned link to download the file.
Follow the steps similar to the  above to download the Android APK and install accordingly.

That’s really all there is to it. But lest we forget, the last and final step is to always have fun and enjoy yourself!